Artisan Distilled Hydrosols


Rehydrates and tones the skin without the use of alcohol.

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Hydrosols and why we love them:

Hydrosols, also known as hydrolats or floral waters, are the steam distillate of plants. Often, they're the byproduct of essential oil production, but we don't collect essential oils in our process and instead only intend to collect the hydrosol as the final product. They typically have a very small amount of essential oil diluted in them (less that .2%).

Hydrosols aren't just diluted essential oils; they have medicinal value all on their own. They contain the water soluble constituents of the plants so their scent is much more subtle than essential oils and they are gentle enough to have around pets and children.

They work wonderfully in skincare products and they are inherently cooling, calming and ph balancing and don't harm the delicate microbiome of the skin. They are alos lovely in aromatherapy for their uplifting energetic qualities. 

We craft our hydrosols lovingly and with care with pure water and herbs that we grow ourselves free of chemicals or pesticides or that we sustainably wildcraft.

Hydrosols are great for rehydrating, toning and refreshing skin. You can also use them on your hair or as a room refreshing spray and mood booster.


  • Protect the skins natural microbiome
  • Balance the pH of the skin
  • Are anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial; great for acne prevention
  • Are antioxidant rich and help the skin recover from environmental damage.

We recommend you use your hydrosols daily to rehydrate before applying facial creams or oils.


For external use only.

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